Examination Department

IoBM, in its pursuit of excellence, believes in providing a congenial atmosphere to the students during all exams in order to get them to perform at their optimum level.


Each semester has two hourly exams (6th & 11th week) & one final exam in the 16th week. Marks distribution is conveyed to the students at the beginning of the semester which traditionally is 15 marks for each hourly and 40 marks for the final exam. 30 marks are assigned for quizzes and assignments. In some cases, there might be a slight variation if the concerned faculty so desires.

Exam Schedule

Exam schedules are uploaded here, please check your schedule to confirm your exam date and time.                                       

Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive Examinations are mandatory examinations for students completing their MBA Program


Please see our policies for grade improvement, I Grade, rechecking and other important documents.